-Warm dark colours will make the room appear smaller.

-Light pastel colours will make the room appear larger.

-Bright laminate colours will liven up a room.

-Neutral laminate colours will simplify the look of a room.

-Consider amount of light in the room will affect the colour of the laminate, thus when selecting your laminate always ensure you have viewed you're swatches in the room you wish to place the benchtops.

-Consider the number and type of appliances to be placed on the benchtops when creating your design, ensuring each piece will be able to be placed were you want it to be.

-Consider where to place joins in your tops (if any) consider where these joins will be. Is there a sink or garbage disposal unit that might hinder the installation process. Plan your top so that appliances with a warm base do not sit over a join in the laminate.

-Consider the finish of the laminate, this will also affect the style of the room, do you want a smooth velour, gloss, etched or a slightly textured surface.

-Consider the number of exposed edges on the design? Would you like a profile, an edged strip or perhaps an arc at the end of a breakfast bar end to compliment the design.

Huge Variety


In design, having options is critical. 

The Top Shop can manufacture you a Solid or Laminated benchtop.

We manufacture tops in HiMacs, Euro Stone, Caesorstone, Prime Stone and Kalon and have access to over 1000 laminate colours from reputable brands such as Formica, Laminex, Wilsonart, Aborite and Prime.



The interior design requirements of the commercial world are vast. Every conceivable benchtop shape, hue and texture has been called for to create atmospheres that sell.

Whether for the boardroom or conference room, the reception, the bar or the shop floor, The Top Shop can create premium Solid and laminate tops economically and at speed.



Country-style homestead, artdeco villa, inner-city apartment, or middle-of-the-road suburban house. No matter what the residence, there is a benchtop shape and style that will add value to the interior atmosphere.
It really comes down to seeing the possibilities. Want a laminate benchtop to look like a solid surface? We can do it. Want it to appear as if it’s been constructed of brushed metal? We can do that too.
If your customer can dream it, if you can design it, and if it doesn’t defy the laws of physics, The Top Shop can create the benchtop you require.
The standard of execution will satisfy any customer.